What is Geotechnical Engineering?

What Is geotechnical engineerong? while such a question maybe a timely one, a clear and meaningful answer may be elusive at this time; the answer mar, perhaps, be self-explenatory subsequent to coverage of the material in the following chapters. however, a preview or perspective of the field should provide the student with a valuable notion as to direction regarding topics and problems encountered in the soil mechanics-foundation design field.

Briefly, geotechnical engineering is a subdicipline within civil engineering. it embraces the topics of soil mechanics and foundation design . it develops the groundwork for evaluating the interaction between the geological environment and man-made works, including earth-supported structures, retaining walls, dams, and special foundation. it provides guidelines for evaluating the stability of slopes, for sampling and testing soils, and for improving building sites. In short, Geotechnical Engineering covers all forms of soil-related problems.

Soil Engineering and This motion was take from JOHN ENRICA’S BOOK “Geotechnical Engineering SOIL MECHANICS” A Professor at Department Civil Engineering Youngstown State University

Soil In Engineering…


    Soil is man’s oldest, perhaps most common, and probably the most complex construction material. Because of its function as the support for virtually all structures, soil become an indisensable component of the construction and, therefore, in a broad sense, plays a mosr prominent role in civil engineering design. hence, in spite of its complexity, we must work with it; we must determne its behaviour under load; we must evaluate its interactions with the structures it supports. in the final analysis, we must fit it into its designated role such that a given design is economical and safe. these are rather demanding tasks that ordinarily  require a working knowledge of soil mechanics, some relevant experience, and a great ideal of engineering judgement. Continue reading

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Buku Ini Alhamulillah.. ditulis oleh Dosen Saya.. dengan Judul “PENGANTAR REKAYASA GEOTEKNIK 1” dan berisi Perkembangan Rekayasa Geoteknik yang Up to-Date (walaupun Belum baca.. tapi menurut beliau dalam weblognya www.muntohar.wordpress.com), berisi beberapa penelitian yang dilaksanakan beberapa tahun terakhir ini… Semoga bermanfaat info Ini… Berikut Riwayat Pendidikan beliau… Continue reading

Soil Dynamics….


1.1 General

Geotechnical engineers frequently come across two types of problems in relation to the analysis and design foundations namely (i) foundation subjected to static loads and (ii) foundation subjected to dynamic loads. the characteristic feature of a static load is that for a given structure the load carried by the foundation at any given time is constant in magnitude and direction e.g. dead weight of the structure. live loads such as weight of train on a bridge and assembly of people in a building are also classified as static load. the characteristic feature of a dynamic load is that it varies with time. dynamics load on foundation and engineering structures may act due to earthquakes, bomb blasts, operation of machines, pile driving, quarrying, fast moving traffic, wind or sea waves action. Continue reading